What mysteries lie below the surface of our busy distracted life? What rich resources are available for us to tap into?

Welcome to The Mermaid Muse where we consider the Mermaid… a mythical, elusive creature, watery and mysterious. And the Muse… called upon with the agreement that the caller, whether they be artist or mathematician, step aside so the Muse can work through them.

My name is Wendy Ward, an artist and teacher living in the Sierra foothills in Northern California, and passionate about creating space and activities that encourage women to restore their wholeness.

This blog is about accessing those elusive parts of ourselves, our internal Mermaids and listening for their whispers.

Welcome to the watery world of the Mermaid Muse.


6 thoughts

  1. Neil Starr, it was and extreme pleasure to meet you at chamber office,thur.,,your creative artwork on beautiful textile purse,,intreging card, led me to your Artistic web site,showing a variety styles,fantabulous women’ potraits
    .. definitely You a highly skilled ,,trained,Artist..it reminds me of friends in Santa Cruz,Nikki Marx,Pamela Clare. .creative air brush,oils..I use to do Commercial Photograph, Agencies in Chicago,,were I learned..then..did all photo,Rubicon Gallery,Los Altos, ,new show a month…anyway a pleasure to meet another great talent..which you are..,hopefully I can be of benefit..and possibly find you a space in Jackson, w/lots exposure in our spaces. Sincerely. Neil C Starr ☆

  2. Hi Ms. ward:
    I caught a glimpse of your art last night on 48 Hours. The show was about Christie Wilson’s death and recovery at Mario Garcia’s property. I saw your art painting briefly as they interviewed you. The painting was so beautiful that I had to find you. I was sure with your talent that you were a professional artist selling millions of pieces.
    I’m thankful that your doing your art and teaching helping the next generation. Keep up the good work & I’m glad you survived Mario Garcia!

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