Basting the Turkey

I need to baste my Soul regularly to stay juicy, and shame on me, I’ve been feeling dry for a long time. I re-read The Artist’s Way earlier this year and enthusiastically nodded while reading Julia Cameron’s urgings about Artist Dates and filling the well, but never got around to doing much about it.

Last week, however, something stirred in me as I recalled how, as a teenager, I spent hours writing in my journal and patiently drawing little plants or other objects that caught my eye. I decided it was time to give that fortifying gift to myself again.

Aspen next to Caples Lake

My kick off was a day-long excursion to answer the call of Autumn. Living in the Sierra foothills in Northern California gives me quick access to head up the “hill” to a popular spot known for its Aspen trees gloriously sparkling gold against cobalt sky and rich green pines. I know it’s too early for the full regal display, but I decide to follow my early bird urgings anyway.

I set out on State Hwy 88 on a clear October morning with a packed lunch and a cool temp of 45 degrees gently warmed by the sun floating in the cloudless sky. I spotted this golden-green Aspen next to Caples Lake, and stood next to it  listening to the leaves chatter as a breeze swept through and watched the translucent green and gold leaves shimmy like coins on a belly dancer.

When I catch myself smiling walking back to the car, I know I am on the right track.

Hope Valley

Next I stop at Carson River to take in the subtle Autumn colors lining the valley. The soft sun adds a slight golden glow.

Carson River North Fork

I enjoy the beauty, but am itching to find a grove of Aspen, sit in the middle and listen to their click-clacking leaves. I savor the pleasing sense of freedom as I continue driving up the highway listening for quiet promptings of where to go next.

Aspen Starting to Change

Journal and sketch in the Aspens

When I find a grove of Aspens that I want to sit among, I perch on a fallen log and write in my journal impressions from the surrounding lively group of trees:

they chatter in the wind  ~  they like being together  ~   they love the little ones  ~  they’re showy and sparkly  ~  they’re gregarious  ~  they are the showcase of the forest  ~  they’re sensual and flirty  ~     they like their own kind  ~   they tolerate everything else

What lights up your Soul and bastes your turkey?

Journal Notes

Aspen Day

Happy Day in the Aspens Happy Day in the Aspens

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