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Happy February!

I’d like to introduce “Cecil”, the first painting I created for my Color of Woman teacher certification. She was an exploration into the state of my heart which, truthfully, was pretty bleak at the time. Following this painting technique, the painter is asked to relinquish control and hand the paint brush over to the Muse or Guide that appears and to listen very deeply for this new guiding voice.  

As my Queen morphed into a Mermaid, she asked for water lilies so I could consider, as I painted them, their emergence from a murky bottom, their stretching through silky water towards the light, the bursting through the water’s surface and spreading of sturdy pads that would support the precious bloom.  No muck, no stretching, no flower.  The Queen of Her Own Heart left me with these words so appropriate always, but especially during the month of love:  “Warmth for yourself first, then others. It has to be that way.”        Wishing you love, Wendy

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I hope to see you at an upcoming event and I leave you with an excerpt from a longer poem that flowed as I painted “Cecil” the Queen of Her Own Heart:

Cecil Poem (partial)


Mermaid Muse Calling Card

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