Relaxing… Fun… Expressive… Insightful…

…Enriching… Opening… Inspiring… Supportive…

are words used to describe my classes

and the NEXT one is a BIGGIE:

Mermaid News Banner copy

Self Care Heart

Self Care bannerSelf Care Descrip

Uh huh, that’s great, but what can THIS class offer that isn’t already swirling around in the unlimited supply of opinions and advice coming from every direction??

Exactly that.

This is about YOU and being in a space to access YOUR inner wisdom. The place you can go for guidance, a different perspective and no hidden agendas.*

*do not consider this class as a substitute for medical treatment or advice.

SATURDAY  MARCH 14  from  9am – 4pm

Serenity Center in Pioneer

Early Bird!! Register before FEB 28 (this Sat)

$85 + $20 materials (everything provided)

after 2/28: $99 + $20 material fee

to REGISTER:  call Serenity  209-295-2003

26600 Meadow Dr., Pioneer (next to Mace Meadows Golf)


“Eternally, woman spills herself away in driblets to the thirsty, seldom being allowed the time, the quiet, the peace to let the pitcher fill to the brim.”        ~Anne Morrow Lindbergh

I’ll guide you step-by-step through the visualization and painting of your Self Care Muse.

No art experience needed!

Set aside this time with Yourself ~ for Yourself.

xo Wendy

Mermaid Muse Calling Card

2 thoughts

  1. This sounds great Wendy….. If only a class for men too….. Are you excited to be moving into your new spaces? I understand there was a short delay in completing the spaces. I hope they are to your liking! I am in Santa Cruz, helping my nephew build out a special space in his living room , including a new sleeping loft for the next week or so… I am sorry to have missed your move in… I really want the spaces special for you, and the great work you are doing for all the lucky women that take your classes. Anyway… Just checking in with you and wish you a successful opening, both literally and metaphorically! Best! Ken

    • Halllooo Ken!
      Maybe “man classes” in the future!! For now, yes! I’m very excited about moving into a studio space – should be this weekend. Please pass on a big thank you & ‘I’m loving the beautifully scented skin serum’ to your partner ~ it’s heavenly. Have fun in Santa Cruz & I’m sure I will see you sometime in the near future at the new digs! Cheers & thanks for all your help with the new studio!

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