New Studio! New Classes!


Mermaid News BannerNew Classes in a  New Studio!

Studio 4 copy

Studio Setup in PROGRESS!

A NEW SPACE is being Created Where You can CREATE and EXPLORE

A personal story about Why I Believe in the Work I Do..

Earlier this year, I taught a weekend class where each participant worked with a personal question as they painted.


 Everyone in the class created beautiful Muse/Helpers and stories and insights were shared.

Since the class was small, I had time to work with my own personal question:

“What is standing in the way of me having my own studio?”

The Muse/Helper that appeared for me was a no-nonsense female named “Gloria”


 As I worked with “Gloria” and listened deeply, I was given insights into which of my fears about taking on a studio were rational, which fears were not rational, and some tools for moving forward.

When I felt finished painting, I found a place to hang her and every time I walked by her eyes caught me urging me to carry out what I said I truly wanted.

And now, 4 months later:  I am setting up a new STUDIO and offering 2 NEW CLASSES there!

What do YOU want to CREATE and EXPLORE in YOUR LIFE?

Use Creativity and Imagery to Awaken Your Own Wise Advisors

** No previous art experience is needed for any of my classes. We use creativity as a tool of  DISCOVERY.

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Upcoming Classes

Faerie Flyer MAILCHIMP version

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SoulCollage MAILCHIMP version

To Register for a CLASS  Click Here        Or mail a check to:

Wendy Ward, PO Box 536, Pioneer  95666    (please include your phone and email)

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Stay tuned for MORE EVENTS coming to the NEW STUDIO at 22594 Hwy 88 (Red Corral) in Pioneer!! 

With a kiss and puff of faerie dust…… Happy Spring!  xo  Wendy

Mermaid Muse Calling Card

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